Dental IT Consulting

A dental practice success is often directly linked to how IT platform is built. You can be confident the IT solutions we integrate with our ongoing technical support will keep both patient data accessible and will be 100% secure and in compliance with HIPAA.

When called upon, our staff will assist your dental practice with their needs. Our staff will explain and help you to understand what issues may be at hand in layman terms (not the “techie babble” that so often comes from IT professionals)

New Office Build Outs

When DDS sets up a new office we design, build, and implement a turn-key IT platform. Before we start the actual construction we will present you with a timeline for competition. Once we begin building your IT platform, we will keep you informed with progress reports.

As we continue building and implementation of your IT platform, we will work closely with contractors, designers and equipment suppliers to ensure that your entire platform is properly setup. As we integrate your dental IT platform, we will function as your one-stop IT consulting shop. We will manage all aspects of your project from the wiring to the custom ceiling attached patient monitor displays.

Existing Offices

A few questions you need to ask yourself about your practice:
1. Is your system running slow or freezing?
2. Do you experience constant crashes?
3. Are you sure that your backup system is actually backing everything up?
4. Are you concerned that you might not pass a HIPAA IT audit?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please give us a call, we can help. We will evaluate your current IT infrastructure and give you recommendations based on what we find. If it is a simple fix then we will move forward with the solution. If more intense action needs to take place we will give you an itemized bid breaking down all of what needs to be done.

We are confident that whatever issues your dental practice is facing we will be able to navigate through the obstacles and present you with plan to solve all of your short and long-term problems.